Kevin Deuso

Award-winning tattoo artist, gallery represented painter & photographer

Kevin Deuso is a professional artist based out of the beautiful and culturally diverse city of Miami Florida. Kevin’s primary studies were conducted at Miami International University of Art & Design – The Art Institutes.

Kevin has been working full time as a professional artist for over ten years. During this tenure, he has learned to work closely with his clients to ensure they receive the highest level of care and workmanship. He is always striving for perfection. Kevin works in a wide variety of mediums and materials and has a solid grasp of procedures as well as safety and permanence. He has had the pleasure of helping develop and train other artists. He has also had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best tattoo artist and painters in the world.

Out of all the mediums, tattooing is the most spiritual and sacred to Kevin. The ancient history that dates back to our tribal ancestors provides a sense of connection for him.

Kevin has the highest respect for his clients and values the trust they instill in him.

“It’s such an honor that a person would allow me to permanently mark their skin with my art. I give my clients my best no matter how small or large the tattoo is.”

When Kevin is not tattooing or painting you will find him practicing yoga and wrenching on vintage motorcycles.

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