Mateo, a Colombian-American artist, born and raised in Miami, Florida. He has been passionate about art since he was young, and his love for drawing began as soon as he could hold a pencil. His first interest was in graffiti and lettering, which eventually led to his fascination with tattooing after seeing his uncle’s ink.

Mateo is a versatile artist, but his main focus is on geometric, dot work, and minimalistic styles of custom tattooing. As a tattoo artist, Mateo believes in providing a safe and positive environment for his clients. He guides them through the individual tattoo process, ensuring that their vision is brought to life.

With his Colombian roots and Miami upbringing, Mateo’s style is influenced by both cultures, resulting in unique and personalized tattoos. He takes pride in his work and is always striving to improve his skills and knowledge in the art of tattooing. Mateo’s passion for art is evident in his work, and he looks forward to creating meaningful and lasting pieces of art for his clients.


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