Ana is a vibrant and enthusiastic artist hailing from Serbia. Her traditional heritage sees tattooing as taboo, but her rebellious curiosity, passion, and infatuation with art have shaped her successful career. Ana has always enjoyed painting, drawing, and new challenges, which naturally pushed her to leap into tattooing. She is merely 26 but has an extraordinarily strong foundation in the arts.

She has travelled extensively, adores absorbing new cultures and integrating this into her work. Ana is a thrill seeker and in constant pursuit of adventure; that coupled with her discipline, drive, and talent have allowed her to succeed in the tattoo industry. She is an absolute expert with fine lines, minimalistic, and micro tattoos. Ana is always sporting a smile and exudes excitement. She understands the importance of not only the tattoo itself but the entirely of the experience. She loves working with people and the process of creating a permanent and lasting memory with her clients.

“With every tattoo I’m giving a piece of myself to my client. The energy from clients is contagious and I always remember to meet everyone with the same if not more excitement.”

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