Ana Cheukian is a Chilean tattoo artist who has been honing her craft since 2013. Alongside tattooing, she also has experience in painting and illustration. Throughout her career, she has worked in several studios and cities in Chile, where she has learned from other artists and continued to develop her skills. 

Growing up with a last name rooted in the indigenous culture of Chile, Ana’s work has been deeply influenced by her cultural heritage. She is also inspired by nature, including botanicals, landscapes, and fauna, which she often incorporates into her tattoo designs. 

As an artist, Ana enjoys exploring different styles and techniques to create unique and personalized tattoos for her clients. She believes that each tattoo should be special and reflective of the individuality of the person wearing it. Ana works closely with her clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life, and she takes pride in creating tattoos that hold deep meaning and significance to each person. 

In addition to her work as a tattoo artist, Ana is also passionate about other mediums of art, including painting and illustration. This experience has allowed her to develop an eye for detail and a keen sense of color and composition, which is evident in her tattoo designs. 

Overall, Ana Cheukian is a talented and passionate artist who draws inspiration from her cultural heritage and the natural world. Her commitment to creating personalized and meaningful tattoos has made her a sought-after artist in Chile and beyond. 


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