Kevin Deuso

Kevin Deuso is a professional artist based out of the beautiful and culturally diverse city of Miami Florida.
Deuso’s primary studies were conducted at Miami International University of Art & Design – The Art Institutes.


Robert Moreira


Moreira specializes in black work and dot work but also enjoys the traditional black and gray, and color tattooing styles. He has a passion for working in Miami and being able to meet, tattoo and pierce people from all over the world.


Dan Price


Price is an elite level tattoo artist and one of the best black and gray tattoo artists of our time. His work is imaginative and original as well as clean and perfectly executed. His work is highly sought after and can be seen on many celebrities, athletes, and musicians.


Jose Andres Cardoso


Cardoso Delgado, also known as “SERES ART”, is from Badajoz: Corte de Peleas in Spain. From an early age his interests and talents began with painting. Cardoso works in the wide discipline called urban art, which includes self-learning, imagination and humility.


Ettore Bechis

Bechis is an Italian tattoo artist based in Miami Beach, Florida. He has devoted his life to art, first in the field of painting and scenography and then in the art of tattooing.


Adriana Hernandez

Adriana Hernandez was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. She has had a passion for drawing, painting and creating for as long as she can remember.



Szilvia’s style revolves around a solid understanding of feminine tattoos, paying high attention to detail and precise line work occasionally combined with watercolor techniques.



Hans was born in Managua, Nicaragua and specializes in unique, original and innovative custom abstract tattoo designs.