Ellie is a skilled tattoo artist with a particular passion for script tattoos. With a keen eye for detail and a steady hand, she is able to create beautiful and intricate lettering that perfectly captures the message and meaning behind each tattoo.

As a Pisces, Ellie has a natural creativity and intuition that she brings to her work. She takes the time to listen to each client and understand their vision, working closely with them to create a design that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

In addition to her work as a tattoo artist, Ellie is also a skilled piercer. Her expertise in piercing allows her to provide a comprehensive range of body modification services to her clients, from simple ear piercings to more complex body modifications.

Despite her talent and skill, Ellie remains down-to-earth and approachable, with a warm and friendly demeanor that puts clients at ease. Whether you’re looking for a small script tattoo or a more elaborate design, Ellie is the perfect choice for anyone who values quality, creativity, and a personalized approach to body art.


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