Jose Andres Cardoso

Tattoo Artist

Jose Andres Cardoso Delgado, also known as “SERES ART”, is from Badajoz: Corte de Peleas in Spain. From an early age his interests and talents were consumed with painting. Cardoso works in the wide discipline called urban art, which includes self-learning, imagination and humility.

His most ambitious project, which mixes different art styles, was born in 2010. “ART IN MOTION” arranges the first and basic figures as the “SERIES”, a combination of simple figures, joined in various positions that reflect the beauty of links between people and their equality above any social status, color or sex.

In 2012 he began in the new and exciting artistic field of tattooing, working with various tattoo styles but favoring black and white realism.

Cardoso also makes graphic design for skate and surf brands, including “Seres”, the brand which he also owns.

Generally, his creations are a remarkable mix of new and exclusive influences. Enjoyment of the observer while discovering social and urban messages always encourages a new interpretation, which consistently improves his artwork.

Tattoo Portfolio