Meet Jessica Puska, an artist and tattoo designer for over nine years, who’s traveled around the world to create tattoos and learn about the industry. She originally comes from Brazil, spent four years in New Zealand, and now calls Canada home.
Jessica’s journey in art began with graffiti when she was just 15 in Brazil. She fell in love with being creative and later went to college to study Graphic Design, where she worked for six years in creative offices.
She’s always loved drawing, and when she discovered the world of tattooing, she embraced the opportunity with passion. Jessica enjoys creating various types of tattoos like lettering, sketches, geometric, floral, and fine-line designs. She’s enthusiastic about working on both small and large projects with lots of details.
Outside of her art, Jessica is a big fan of art and graffiti. She’s eager to learn from different cultures, studios, and other tattoo artists. Her goal is to connect with people and keep developing her unique style through dedication, learning, hard work, and creativity every day

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