Liz has been creating art since childhood with a focus in watercolors, black work, and clean fine lines. After completing a fulfilling career in Veterinary medicine as a nurse, she returned to the arts, focusing on creating body art via tattoos and piercings. She excels in fine line work, micro tattoos, as well as nature and animals.

She excels at helping clients feel at ease while creating their dream tattoos. Her smile and lighthearted nature erase any concerns and allows her to bring a client’s idea to life. This showcases her ability to establish a relationship with her client, and really listen to their input in the creative process. She has a gentle hand which is great for those getting their first or fiftieth tattoo!

Liz is also a skilled body piercer. Her background in the medical field ensures the process is clean, fast, and minimally painful. She is knowledgeable about the healing process and is happy to efficiently solve any aftercare questions.

Tattoo Portfolio