Juliana Gallas is an internationally recognized female tattoo artist and body piercer born and raised in Brazil. With over 8 years of experience, her accomplished career boasts numerous residencies, some of which include Brazil, Argentina, NYC and Miami.

Juliana trained extensively by completing a traditional multiyear apprenticeship. This strong educational foundation sparked an interest in teaching. In addition to tattooing, she currently teaches and grooms novice artists with a comprehensive apprenticeship program.

Juliana owns her own studio back at home in Brazil but enjoys traveling and experiencing tattoo culture in variety of settings. She is incredibly talented, and her work is versatile. She is skilled in traditional, fine line work, permanent and semi-permanent makeup, and takes pride in black work. From tattooing/piercing to business, and modeling, Juliana is a jack of all trades. She is both an artist and a collector of tattoos. Juliana is an established tattoo cover model and exhibits artwork performed by multinational acclaimed artists

Tattoo Portfolio