A natural born creative, Hector he comes from a lineage of artists. His father is a painter, and his mother a singer and art teacher. Throughout his childhood he accompanied his parents to countless creative workshops which helped to grow his creativity and refine his artwork. At 18, he picked up his first tattoo machine, and quickly gained notoriety as a professional in his hometown in Puerto Rico. Hector is formally educated in the arts earning a bachelor’s degree in painting and graphic design. He has taken his talents worldwide and has since settled in Miami. He is a long-standing resident with Inked Life Miami. Hector is an extremely versatile artist, proficient in every style, and works with a variety of mediums: skin, canvas and digital art. He is a seasoned tattoo artist with an extensive knowledge base and skill set. Styles of interest include fine lines, color, cover ups, black work, floral, and traditional.

“As humans, we are not perfect by any means. Perfection is in the imperfections, except when it comes to my artwork.”

Tattoo Portfolio