Tattoo Artist

Hans was born in Managua, Nicaragua and specializes in unique, original and innovative custom tattoo designs. Drawing and craft were always in his life from a young age. Art has always been a way to communicate his ideas, expressions and feelings. He never felt curiousity with drawing objects or people, but instead with abstraction. For Hans, there’s no way to compare abrstraction with reality. Perceptions can neither be wrong nor right.

Hans first began with body piercing in 1998 as an initiator for body piercing and body modification at Ak-47 Tattoo Body Piercing ,the first professional studio in Nicaragua after 15 years (which is still open). Simultaneously, Hans was studying physiotherapy for two years and medicine for three years. Learning about human anatomy, helped Hans to better understand body piercing and the natural skin healing process.

In 2010, Hans moved to the United States and began his tattooing career to makes ends meet. It did not take long for him to discover a tremendous love for the art of tattooing.

“With my newfound love for expression through tattoos, I began to travel and learn from other artists around the world.”


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