Ettore Bechis 

Tattoo Artist

Ettore Bechis is an Italian tattoo artist based in Miami Beach, FL. Bechis is a specialist in color tattoos and in black and grey tattoos.

Ettore has years of experience in ink with expertise in a wide assortment of styles including realistic tattoos, classic tattoos, Japanese tattoos and, his personal favorites, pin-up tattoos, comic tattoos and fantasy tattoos. Always born in collaboration with his clients, Ettore’s creations are sure to be customized, unique and personal designs every time.

Ettore Bechis has devoted his life to art, first in the field of painting and scenography and then in the art of tattooing. In 2014 he obtained the O-1 Visa for individuals with Extraordinary Ability of Achievement from the United States government and in 2017 the Permanent Resident Card. Bechis shows the same dedication and passion to every tattoo he encounters, from small and simple tattoos to tattoos covering the entire back. Testament to his skills and attitude can be seen in the reviews on Google.

Ettore Bechis is available by appointment only. Don’t miss your opportunity to be tattooed by this world-renowened artist.

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