Desiree, better known as Des, has been body piercing since 2014. Her expertise in piercing focuses on speed, reduction of pain, and efficiency throughout the process. Since childhood she is had a fascination with human anatomy, and the medical field which sparked her interest in body modification.

After becoming a seasoned piercer, she evolved her skill to set to include the arts by way of tattooing in early 2017. In addition to her interest in the body, she is always had a passion for art. The natural progression to merge body and art launched her career as a tattoo artist. Des executes every project with precision and finds inspiration in each client.

It brings her joy to share in the process of such a permanent and transformational decision with her clients. She enjoys the entirety of the process from sourcing, customizing, and designing to the final product. Sharing this journey establishes a bond and feeds her creative soul. Her excellent customer service focuses on making the client happy and excited. She involves her clients to create unique and customized designs. Des loves delicate micro tattoos as well as fine line work. She is a versatile artist specializing in wide range of styles.

Tattoo Portfolio